CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 172
5.74.3 Furthermore, the cells never intrude on each other’s work.
5.74.4 When creating a kidney, they do not suddenly make an ear.
5.74.5 When creating hair they do not suddenly launch into making skin.
No, cells create the scalp and the selfsame cells create the hair.
The only difference between skin and hair cells is the work they do,
second by second, throughout a lifetime.

5.74.6 What is the Motivating and Inspiring Factor? Accident?

5.75 What organising intelligence set the entire process of creation in motion:
– from the most fundamental level of the formation of simple elements
out of free electrical particles within space,
– the combining of elements to form chemicals,,
– the correct combination of specific chemicals to form a living molecule,
– the correct combination of living molecules to make a living cell
  • which can take in nutrition,
  • excrete waste,
  • build according to clear-cut specifications,
  • move about, and sustain this enormous edifice of creation
    consistently through billions of years
5.75.1 Not only this, but what is the Motivating Force
which has designed and successfully evolved
within living systems and entities, billions and billions of different ways
in which to fertilise seeds of every kind
– whether they be those of plants, insects, reptiles, birds,
animals or human beings, evolving for each
an intelligent system of procreation suited to climatic conditions,
the production of vegetation in the environment,
in order to ensure survival?

5.75.2 Is not SURVIVAL also evidence of intelligent purposeful activity?

5.75.3 And having accomplished this great feat of creativity,
should you not question how it is that
every living species has its own individualistic way
of rearing its young and protecting it as far as possible
until the young are capable of SURVIVAL on their own?

5.75.4 Is this not LOVE FOR CREATION, active in its highest form?