CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 170
5.64.2 You should ask yourself how the purely physical membrane of the cell,
invisible to your eye, can distinguish and select the correct nourishment
to enhance its well-being and then exercise
sufficient discernment to rid itself of unwanted toxic matter?
5.64.3 Do you not see a high degree of purposefulness within all this
activity and can you believe that such purposefulness is accidental?
5.64.4 And is not PURPOSE the very hallmark of Intelligence?
5.64.5 Not only this, the membrane of the cell continues to do this work
of selection of nutrition and discarding of waste in a billion-billion
different circumstances and conditions relating to survival
within differing species and differing environments.
5.64.6 Is this not evidence of PURPOSEFULNESS displayed within
every single action of every single species be it insects, plants,
reptiles, birds, animals and human beings?
5.65 Could you not describe the universe as being
the consistent and undeviating IMPULSE of PURPOSEFULNESS
made visible within the realm of visible matter?

5.66 Is the spirit of PURPOSEFULNESS a physical element
– or one of consciousness?

5.67 And if you can accept that PURPOSEFULNESS is an undeniable
creative impulse behind EXISTENCE, then can you move on to the next
perception of your universe as being the visible manifestation
of an INTELLIGENT APPRAISAL of cause and effect
clearly evident within living matter.
5.67.1 For – if the living cell can select the right nourishment and also
provide for the elimination of toxic waste
– this simple activity displays
an awareness of the need for digestion and also foresees the resultant
build up of toxic waste, and the need for the elimination of such waste
to ensure the continued health of the cell. Is this not a clear indication
of an INTELLIGENT APPRAISAL of Cause and Effect ?
5.68 Furthermore – Science says that the cell contains a nucleus
which might be likened to the brain of a human being
since it conveys messages and its most important function is
the storage of information, the library which contains not just the details
relating to one cell but of the whole body in which its resides!
5.69 In fact, on investigation by science, it would appear that the cell itself
is a system of chemical messages carried out in a purposeful,
intelligent and intelligible way.
5.69.1 How could this happen if the origins of the cell’s molecules
were only inanimate chemical elements?
5.70 Would you dispute that behind every messenger with a message to convey
there is intelligent thought or consciousness?