CHRIST Returns
Raison d'etre of the Letters
Letter 1 rosepage 17
1.19 Sometimes,people make powerfully prayerful contact with
the DIVINE REALITY behind and within all creation,
It responds and Its activity is shortly revealed
as necessary improvements within the personal and national life
– and people may exclaim This is a miracle!
1.19.1 But - in the long term - the state of the Personal or National consciousness
will again re-assert itself in their experiences and will re-produce
the same negative effects in health or affairs as they did previously.
1.20 You cannot effect permanent changes in your lives
unless you change your consciousness.
1.20.1 Therefore people must pray and strive at all times
to achieve unconditional LOVE.
1.21 For in the 20th century, human mental abilities out-stripped
their spiritual development.

1.21.1 Scientists thought they could explain away the origins
of creation and ascribe them to accident.

As a direct result =
people ditched morality and began to give way utterly to self-will.

1.21.2 They set in motion a new momentum of menace in the world,
for they began to create a new form of world ego-consciousness
directly in opposition to the NATURE of the Divine – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
The human consciousness blocked the inflow of the Divine.
1.22 The ever-increasing lurid imaginings of a few people,
which would have been contained locally, a century ago,
now became a
glorified in literature, films, theatre

spreading world-wide,
creating a global Human Consciousness similar to their own,
expressed as sexual excesses, violence, and perversions.
1.22.1 This MENTAL INFECTION first manifests as egocentric modes of living
and the creation of technical devices – which have created serious health
disorders, climatical changes, crop failures, environment deterioration,
extinction of living creatures, and wholesale slaughter of human beings.
1.22.2 Mental Infection manifests in the human personality as deranged
and destructive behavior, drug-taking, abominable cruelty and depravity,
gangster operations, and sexual excesses.
1.22.3 Thus has a vicious circle of malignancy and perversions of thought
and activities been created by entertainment and media magnates.
1.22.4 The purpose – to capture egocentric public vested interest.