CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 169
5.60 It is this old religious concept of a God on High ‘creating from afar’
which is blocking the man of science from moving forward
to more spiritually aware reflections.
5.60.1 Therefore, despite science’s seeming emancipation
from age-old doctrines, it is still as mentally bound and hindered
by fears of ancient shibboleths as in the l9th century.
5.60.2 It adopts its ridiculous theories because it has not yet perceived
the Reality of Our Source of Being behind and within the living molecule. section sectorial
5.61 Continuing its story of creation, science states that after the
self-manufacture of living molecules capable of replicating themselves,
they formed themselves into a living cell,
(so small it cannot be seen by the naked eye),
which became the building block for all the multiplexity
of living organisms, including plants, insects, reptiles, birds,
animals and man himself.
5.61.1 Therefore, all living things have a common ancestor
– the first living molecule.
5.62 Science cannot explain why the self-replicating molecules
combined themselves into a living cell.
5.62.1 It remains a mystery to science to this day.
5.63 The living cell, your science tells you, is endlessly repeated
in a billion-billion-billion differing forms.
5.63.1 It is the building block of the visible universe. How can this be?
5.63.2 What impulse motivates such replication?

5.63.3 Science cannot say. Entrenched in its own blindness,
it has dragged people down into materialistic blindness with it.

5.63.4 And now – the first living cell deserves the undivided attention
of anyone seriously seeking the spiritual dimension
and the Mainspring of Existence
– because the first living molecule and the first living cell
are the very first evidence of some intelligent activity
within matter – within the universe.
5.63.5 The foremost feature displaying sense and sensibility
is the function of the membrane which covers the cell,
giving it protection and individuality.

5.64 Think about this miraculous phenomenon.

5.64.1 The cell takes in, from the environment,
only selected nourishment through the membrane.
Not only does the cell take in the right nutrition
but – having utilised the nutrition – the cell rids itself of the waste
through the permeable membrane.