CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 168
5.56.2 In visualising such a Mighty Individual, it was only natural
they should perceive a Kingly figure of universal control,
possessing a retributive nature when confronted with
the behaviour of mankind which created a turbulent society.
5.57 Neither Prophets of old nor science of today
has been near to the Truth of Existence.
Both have completely missed the truth.
section sectorial
5.58 Science says that life began when in some unexplained way,
a correct combination of chemical reactions
produced a molecule capable of making copies of itself
by triggering further chemical reactions.
5.58.1 Such a description of the enormous
and teeming complexity and power of the LIFE FORCE
as being discernible because it is capable of replicating itself,

reveals the basic impoverishment of scientific perception
and thought which produced such a theory!
5.58.2 Furthermore, the suggestion that such a combination
of inanimate chemicals could get together in a specific way
– accidentally –
to produce such an astounding result of self-replication
remains unquestioned scientifically.
5.58.3 This is because the finite human mind, even though scientific,
cannot deal with such a strange eventuality
of uninitiated self-replication.
5.58.4 It is too suggestive of a magical occurrence
– of some intervention from an unimaginable source
which scientific men dare not contemplate
for fear of ridicule.

5.58.5 This sheep-like acquiescence is considered more scientific
than producing inspired theories blocked by the materialistic laws
science has established for itself.

5.58.6 This block to future scientific progress
will prevent science properly investigating the realm of mind and spirit
until some enlightened scientist defies convention
and dares to cross the borderline
between the seen and the unseen.

5.59 Prophets of old, if presented with the theory of molecular self-replication
would have no difficulty with such a magical occurrence
and would say that God made the chemical combinations
and imbued them with life.