CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 166
5.49 I saw that the true nature of GOD MIND was the very
highest form of Divine Love and this could be seen
consistently active within every living thing.
5.50 As I mentioned above, out of this knowledge,
I was able to perform miracles and control the elements
where appropriate and necessary.
5.51 Just as I longed to explode the myths which possessed
the minds of the Jews in Palestine, so do I yearn to show you
that many of the theories put forward by your scientists have been prompted
by a strong reaction to the church dogma and doctrines in years gone by.
5.51.1 To understand this statement, you must realise that
until the time of Darwin, whilst the various Christian Churches
held dominance over the minds of the populace, it was generally accepted
that the universe had been created exactly
as written in Genesis in the Biblical Old Testament.
5.51.2 When men of science attempted to announce their discoveries
and theories, they were forced to describe their new beliefs
in the presence of enormous religious opposition.
Consequently, they found it necessary to concentrate much of their mental energy
on proving the Prophets’ pronouncements wrong.
In doing so, their agenda caused them
to lose clarity of vision and they also became ego-driven.
5.51.3 Thereafter, any intuitive perception proposed by the scientific fraternity
was derided and rejected out of hand by other scientists.
5.51.4 Because of this mental climate, the pendulum of the search for Truth
swung solely to an undeviating belief in reason and logic,
thus imprisoning the human intellect in materialism
for the answers to the origins of life and existence.
5.51.5 Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for me to refute some
of the scientific theories and show them to be as erroneous
as are the so-called truths of Christian Doctrine. In arriving at some of these theories, scientist and churchman alike
have dipped into the realms of unproven preposterous suppositions
to answer questions which have previously been
unanswerable by the earthly mind only.
section sectorial
5.52 Having told you that the substance of your material world is basically
electrical particles agitated at high speed within space,
your science is unable to tell you why such energy particles
take on the density and form of matter
except to speak of forces of fusion which happen to create the elements.

5.52.1 Science cannot tell you what is the Motivating Force which draws
particles into the form of elements.