CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 165
5.45 As I said in Letter 1, after enlightenment in the desert,
I came back into my world of Palestinian towns and villages
and immediately began to control the elements of matter
wherever I saw the necessity to help those who were deprived or suffering.

5.45.1 I have come to show you exactly why I was able to do this.

5.46 As I revealed to you in Letter 1, during the time I received full illumination
in the desert, I was shown that matter was not really solid.
5.46.1 I was not given to understand exactly how the electrical particles
which I termed the shimmer of motes took on the appearance
of visible matter. I only knew that these motes were moving
at high frequencies of speed within GOD MIND
and GOD MIND was therefore universal.
5.46.2 I perceived that GOD MIND was both the creator
– and substance – of all things within creation itself.
  Of this, I was absolutely certain

5.46.3 I also saw very clearly that human thought,
when fraught with conviction or emotion,
radically affected this process of materialisation of visible forms.
5.46.4 Therefore the human mind could – and did – interfere
with the true intention of
5.46.5 It was a thrilling and exalting realisation since
the myths taught me by the Jewish rabbis were clearly false
and were immediately swept out of my mind.
5.46.6 I embraced the truth with excitement since I now realised
why people experienced misery and suffering.
This emanated from their own thought processes.
5.47 I was also given to see the communities of living particles,
which science has named cells at work within every living thing.
5.47.1 I was aware of the Divine Harmony controlling the work of the cells,
which were busily building and maintaining the various parts
of physical bodies of all living creatures and plant life, big and small.
5.47.2 This is why I drew heavily on the countryside to give examples
of the immanence and activity of the Father within
the least of wild life – such as plants and birds.
5.48 As I have clearly explained in Letters 1-3, I called GOD MIND
the Father because I was enabled to see – perceive –
the true nature of the GOD MIND and was determined that
when I returned to the people of Palestine
to describe the revelations I had received,
they would understand that their beliefs
imbued in their very consciousness by the rabbis
were entirely false.