CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 164
5.40 Cherished beliefs, used as talismans, emotional supports
and affirmations to give strength in times of crisis,
are emotionally imprinted in the sub-conscious,
and usually incorporate in them a fear of offending God
when contemplating moving on to some higher Truth.
5.40.1 Unless there is a sincere longing to know the TRUTH of BEING
rather than traditional beliefs, these mental patterns
are almost impossible to annihilate in the mind and emotions
and they block true spiritual progress.
5.41 I have come expressly to help those who have the will to do so,
move beyond these barriers to true enlightenment.
5.41.1 Therefore, if you feel intuitively that the words on these pages are TRUTH
and you feel drawn to them, have confidence you are ready
to begin the spiritual journey outlined in these Letters
and I am at hand to give you the courage to pursue it
until you reach your goal
– true spiritual enlightenment, newness of life, strength of will
and a finding of what I termed the Kingdom of Heaven.
5.41.2 Daily, sincere meditation and prayer will enable
a mental cleansing to take place and gradually TRUTH
and UNDERSTANDING will replace the old myths
which once were so dear to you.
5.42 At the outset of the following teachings, I, the CHRIST,
must remind you that yours is not a solid universe.
5.42.1 As you probably know, according to your scientists,
solid matter, the visible substance of the world,
is really composed of energy particles.
5.42.2 The TRUTH of BEING of your earthly dimension
rests on this fundamental reality of creation.
5.43 To understand my teachings regarding the Truth of Being,
it is necessary to grasp this fundamental seeming emptiness
underlying all your created world.
5.43.1 The majority of you know this fact of existence intellectually,
but it has not yet even remotely filtered through to your consciousness
to give you a new perspective of the world and existence itself.
5.43.2 You continue as you have done for millennia, thinking that
your world is solid and the conditions of the body and
all other external phenomena are beyond your control.