CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 163
5.32 Whilst you may have drawn a certain amount of spiritual growth
by following the path of perceiving only the good, the truthful and loving,
you remain an entity functioning alone
in your own earth-bound domain,
unassisted by the eternal, infinite UNIVERSAL.

5.33 Once you realise the Nature of the UNIVERSAL
and turn your thoughts to making true contact with It,
you begin to realise you are no longer alone – you are supported
by the Reality which supports the universe.

5.34 And when I say: ‘making true contact with It’, I mean that
the prayer of supplication for this benefit or that
is not making true contact with your SOURCE OF BEING.
5.35 Your prayer is certainly received into the Source of Being,
and an answer is frequently received swiftly
and the need is fulfilled, even as you have asked.
5.35.1 But true contact with the Source of your Being,
is only experienced when you have sufficiently cleansed
your consciousness of the gross human ego-drive
and have spent some time in meditation and a regular
emotionally powerful reaching out in consciousness to your Source,
seeking contact and renewal and refreshment of spirit.

5.36 This is the true purpose behind existence.
A constant and mutual reciprocation of communication
between the Source of all Being and creation.

5.37 Here I would remind you that when I lived on earth,
5.37.1 I made it abundantly clear every day to the Jews that:
“of myself alone I could do nothing”.
5.37.2 I constantly stated that “it is the Father does the work, not I”.

5.38 I have come at this time to enable you to make the transition
from the earth-bound human consciousness
to that of enlightenment
when a person knows that he or she
finally knows the Truth of Being.