CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 162
5.28 The above statement is a more compelling and powerful
re-phrasing of the statement I made when on earth:
“Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven
and all good things will be added to you.”
5.28.1 I did not make this statement to entice people to be good.
I stated a fact of existence.

5.28.2 You must also understand fully and clearly – that
THAT which you call God and I refer to as UNIVERSAL, possesses
none of the human attributes attributed to IT by many religions. The human characteristics of anger, threats and punishment,
for instance, only pertain to the human condition.

5.29 Again, I repeat: I, the CHRIST, have come down to dictate
these Letters espressly to disinvest people’s minds
of the former human word pictures coined by prophets.
5.29.1 It is my firm intention to replace them with descriptions
of the POWER – the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS – which really creates,
moves within, and supports the visible universe and all
other dimensions beyond your present perception and comprehension.
5.29.2 I am also here to tell you these further universes or dimensions,
will be opened and will become accessible to your consciousness
when the knowledge outlined in these Letters is absorbed
and made the very fabric of your individualised consciousness.
5.30 Eventually, death will come to mean
a happy transition from a limited dimension of existence
to a brighter and more powerful one.
5.30.1 You will know that when you are adequately spiritually cleansed
and the time is ripe to emerge from the capsule of your body,
you will leave, relieved to be free of physical limitations
to enter a dimension of love and beautiful and wondrous beingness.
5.30.2 You will perceive death to be what it can be
– really is for enlightened souls – a glorious transition
– a gift of greater life, greater creativity
and an experience of ecstatic being you have not yet dreamed of.
5.31 I also want to make it clear that many, many people believe
that they can live fruitful and fulfilled lives
by following the hundreds of various teachers of positive thinking.
Changing your consciousness, they say, will change your lives.
5.31.1 This is true to a limited extent but, for spiritually evolving seekers,
such a change in consciousness still leaves a dryness of spirit
and a yearning for something more.
That ‘something more’ that the soul craves is the true contact
and re-union with its SOURCE OF BEING.