CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 160
5.15.1 Disputations will arise because people hold on to cherished beliefs
and surrender them only with the pain experienced by those
who lose their dearest possessions.
5.15.2 Nonetheless, dear as the beliefs may be to people – they are only beliefs.
5.15.3 They are not a sure foundation on which to build new lives.
5.16 Now that I am returning to you through the medium of these Letters,
I am again making every attempt possible – within the parameters of your
human perceptions - to describe for you
the Reality - your Source of Being
which initiated the universe and existence itself.
5.17 Exactly as 2000 years before,
I have now come through the medium
of these Letters to lay the foundation for future spiritual evolution
during the next millennium.
5.18 Your spiritual development can only arise
out of your deeper perceptions and understanding
of the nature of existence and of

5.18.1 For what you clearly perceive creates the conditions
under which you live.

5.19 Because you have not understood your true spiritual origins,
humankind is continually embroiled in wars and has spawned
earthly conditions which are both a disgrace to human consciousness
and a source of human suffering of every kind.
5.19.1 For this reason, I am SENDING – RADIATING

to bring the TRUTH of EXISTENCE to you
in the kind of modern understandable terminology
to enable you to construct a new consciousness
and realisation of Truth as it really is
– rather than allow you to continue adhering
to those false beliefs you have been taught,
or have been brought to you by tradition.
5.20 With usage and understanding, the terminology will come to arouse in you
the same – or more – reverence and love and spiritual insight
as you previously felt when using the word GOD.