CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 159
5.11 I brought a new teaching which was directed exclusively at
making people aware of universality and love – the indwelling nature –
as well as the transcendent nature of
5.11.1 It is my purpose to make this abundantly clear to enable
seekers of Truth to rid themselves of any remnant of belief
that I was merely a prophet in a long line of Jewish prophets;
that I continued preaching their themes of an almighty Jehovah
possessing ambivalent feelings towards his own creation.
5.12 Fear of Orthodox Jews kept my disciples in line with
what they had decided they would tell the public about me.
5.12.1 You must remember that to gain new Jewish adherents to Christianity,
they were afraid to discard the Old Testament
since it had held the Jews together for centuries;
therefore, they extracted and added on from my teachings
whatever was compatible with the old religious beliefs.
5.13 My genealogy was listed to re-assure Jewish people
I had descended from King David. Why should they bother with this
unless they wanted to make it clear
that I was very much a Jew of ancient lineage
and therefore could be a candidate for Messiahship?
5.13.1 If they truly understood what I had come to earth to do
– to break away from the past and lay the foundations
for an altogether new future of understanding and activity
– they would have made valiant efforts to make certain
that people understood the true purposes
which drove me to the day of my death.

5.13.2 But they did not do this. They obscured much of what I tried to teach.

5.13.3 A strong-hearted disciple of mine, Stephen, was less afraid
to speak out about my true teachings, although these had also
been embroidered, but even so, he was stoned to death.

5.13.4 You must understand that life for my disciples was precarious
and it is little wonder that my true teachings were covered over
with traditional thinking to make it more palatable to the public.
5.14 Even so will there be fierce disputations when I say that
Christianity only presents a record of some of my statements and
healings which are not in too much conflict with Judaic teaching.