CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 158
5.6 Indeed, I saw that the parenting impulses present in all living creatures
had been drawn directly from the Creator, and that the origin of all love
and parenting drives was also the origin of life and existence itself.
5.7 I also saw that creation was a visible manifestation
of the Universal Creative Impulses of Being
and therefore humankind could be termed the offspring of the creator.
5.7.1 For this reason, it was quite natural for me
to speak of the Father when referring to the Creator,
since, to me, this is what the Creator truly is in every way
– more especially Father-Mother
but having regard to the Jewish insistence
on the woman occupying a subordinate position in their daily lives,
I referred only to the Father to avoid Jewish resistance
and to gain their acceptance of the new terminology.

5.7.2 I also coined the term the Father to help the Jews realise that
their concept of Jehovah and the rigidity of Jewish laws were totally erroneous.
5.7.3 Also by using a new terminology – the Father – to describe the Creator
the Creative Impulse – behind and within existence,
I made it clear I had brought an altogether new teaching in opposition
to the accepted belief in a God which rejected certain people
and sent disasters upon them as retribution.

5.8 I want you to understand fully, that nowhere
has it been made clear in your New Testament that
I brought a teaching completely opposed
to the teachings in the Old Testament and therefore
the New Testament as a true record of my life and teachings
cannot be trusted or accepted or believed.
5.8.1 A true and accurate record of my personality, enlightened nature,
emotional attitudes and teachings themselves,
would have made it abundantly clear that
the old Judaic forms of religion and my enlightened teachings
were diametrically opposed in every way.
5.9 The Judaic religion was one of extreme materialistic concepts.
5.9.1 There are certainly writings from which spiritually enlightened Jews drew,
and continue to draw, a mystical perception of our SOURCE of BEING.
5.9.2 They are to be greatly honoured and respected
for their transcendent states of mind.

5.10 But as the prophets reached the average man and woman,
their writings transmitted a different, controlling message
which is purely human and false.