CHRIST Returns
The Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 157

Letter 5


I, the CHRIST,

am writing this LETTER 5
to clearly define the hidden REALITY
which I will also refer to as the UNIVERSAL and DIVINE,

to help you stretch your minds to understand that whilst you are an individual,
 Universal – Eternal – Infinite – Everywhere without beginning or end.
5.3 For the sake of those people who have chosen to read Letter 5
before my earlier Letters describing my life and true teachings on earth,
I will make a further statement that my true ‘Jesus’ CHRIST self must not
in any way be confused with the Jesus recorded in the New Testament.
5.4 Since my original teachings, in the form of the four Gospels,
have been distributed world-wide and grossly misinterpreted,
it is my intention to begin teaching TRUTH of EXISTENCE
by explaining the true meaning of my original terminology
as quoted in the Gospels. This is necessary to dispel
and eventually eradicate from people’s consciousness
the misunderstandings which have persisted and misinformed
generations of spiritual seekers since my life on earth.
5.5 When on earth, to describe the Reality behind and within existence,
I deliberately coined the term the ‘Father’, when referring to GOD.
This was done for two reasons.

5.5.1 Firstly, as I explained in Letter 1,
when I received enlightenment in the desert,
I was enabled to see that the concepts describing the Creator of the universe as revealed by the Jewish prophets were completely wrong.

5.5.2 Secondly, I was given to perceive clearly
– and fully understand – the true nature of the Creator
and I realised that it was a nature of parenting
– of fulfilling the needs of creation in clear-cut, specific ways
which were synonymous with those of a father-mother.