CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 155
section sectorial
4.151 WE will leave you with these thoughts which we beg
you will receive deeply into your consciousness
and make good use of them in your daily lives.
4.151.1 We strongly urge you to band together,
irrespective of religious beliefs,
in small groups to use the Letters
as guide lines for your daily lives.
4.151.2 Shed, if you can, your conditioning,
and come together in true humility,
as people willing to agree they know little of true spirituality
– but are strongly desirous of learning how
to enhance and spiritualise their lives.
section sectorial

4.152 As many of you are aware,
you are entering a new phase of world history,
during the course of which it will be realised that no longer is
the great divide between the wealthy and the poor.
4.152.1 The great divide will be in Consciousness.
The divide will be between those who have been able to find entrance
into the higher spiritual consciousness
and radiate love
and acceptance equally to all – friends and foes –
and who make it their goal to radiate Divine Consciousness
into every facet of their daily lives – and those who remain encased
within their ego-drives, seeking domination of the weak.