CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 154
4.146 AIDS has been no accident.
4.146.1 It has emerged from the consciousness forces
of self-indulgence and destructive emotional reactions
between sexual partners.

4.147 Submerged hatred and anger can drive people into a sexual act,
leaving a residue of sickness behind it in mind, emotions and body.

4.147.1 Because emotional attunement has not always motivated
the sexual act between men and women,
they have known severe disappointment
and lack of release and fulfilment.
4.147.2 When this happens, the male sexual energy dwindles.
4.147.3 It has to be rekindled by images of sexual perversions.
4.147.4 As a result, pornography has become big business in some countries.
4.147.5 It panders to the body instincts alone.
4.148 Out of pornography have come a lack of respect for women,
and a mechanical non-emotional sexual act,
together with rapidly increasing rape and child sexual abuse.
4.148.1 People giving way to these abominable acts
of depraved cruelty will surely reap the consequences
either in this life or a future incarnation.
4.149 Therefore, when followers of Islam condemn the West
for theirlax sexual behaviour and perversion,
they are right to believe that it is bringing down
unhealthy conditions on earth.
4.149.1 These unhealthy conditions are not sent by ‘Allah’
– but are a natural consequence of their breaking the LAWS of EXISTENCE.

4.149.1 Similarly, the followers of Islam are breaking
the LAWS of EXISTENCE because they,
like the Jews, hold to the tradition of an eye-for-an-eye
and believe that there is such a thing as a Holy War.

4.149.2 There is no such thing as a Holy War
– there is only the Reality of Holy Forgiveness
and Holy Reconciliation, treating your brother,
be he your enemy or friend,
with love and understanding.