CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 153
4.139 In speaking about the feminine role in life, it must also be said that
many of your modern women in developed countries, have achieved
a high degree of masculine drive in the past 100 years.
4.139.1 They must choose their priorities in life carefully.
4.139.2 They do not have to sit at home, stagnant and bored but
they will become happier, more fulfilled people if they turn
their intelligence and abilities to creating new modes
of constructive life for the whole family.
4.139.3 At the moment, they may not know how to do this,
but meditation will draw into their minds,
the necessary inspiration on the best way to use their powers
of leadership and talents for the happiness of all.

4.140 Men who have developed greater capacity for empathy with women
and their fellow men, will also, through meditation followed by inspiration,
find higher ways of expressing their capacity for leadership in their work,
bringing happiness to others.

4.141 Why have I – We – dealt with the matter of the sexes in such depth?
4.141.1 This has been absolutely necessary since the battle of the sexes
– both in the East and West, is creating unhealthy conditions on earth.
4.141.2 It fosters aggression and festers as anger and hostility.

4.142 Sexual freedom has brought the world to a crisis point of extinction
by the impregnation of AIDS.

4.143 All viruses are created within destructive consciousness forces.
4.144 You must understand that human beings have created their own viruses!
4.144.1 Every virus is a destructive living consciousness impulse made visible.
4.144.2 It targets what the impulse of destructive consciousness targeted
at the moment the virus took on form.
4.145 I was very clear about this aspect of existence
when I was on earth in the persona of Jesus.
4.145.1 The Jews had the rigid tradition of washing cups before drinking from them.
I told them explicitly that they should not be worried
about what went into their mouths.
4.145.2 They should be concerned about what came out
of their minds and hearts – then out through their mouths.
4.145.3 At that time, science had not discovered the presence of viruses but
it was agreed that disease came from eating and drinking from dirty utensils.
4.145.4 But I knew that the disease had originally come out
of the minds and hearts of savagely angry people.
4.145.5 Thereafter, it was propagated by the division of the cells
but it carried within itself, forever, the instinct
and consciousness which initially brought it into being