CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 152
4.136 Finally, the male could not exist comfortably without also
experiencing and manifesting some of the feminine drive.
4.136.1 He needs emotion to bond with his wife,
children and other relationships
– school mates and workmates, colleagues and friends.
Without some warm feelings, he would be a cold monster. Frequently, if an old soul, he brings through much warmth
and caring from previous incarnations as a woman. The more spiritually evolved he becomes, the more equally are
the two sexual impulses balanced within his nature.

4.136.2 This also applies to women. Equally, the female could not exist comfortably without some
of the masculine drive. Without a capacity for intelligent planning,
her household would be a disaster zone. There is also the possibility that she has been
a strong masculine character in her past incarnation
and is uncomfortable in the feminine role
of sacrificing herself for others. Such a one must ask of Divine Consciousness
to clarify her vision that she may see that without love for humanity,
leadership is a dangerous exercise.
4.137 When men and women are nearing an equal balance
of male and female natures within themselves,
their task in life is to transcend their sexual drive
through achieving unconditional love for all people
and directing the drive itself
into pure creativity – such as the arts.
4.137.1 Of such people are Masters made,
masters of themselves, masters of creativity,
masters of human consciousness, masters of matter. section sectorial
4.138 Unfortunately, at this present time, your men and women
who are nearing equal balance of male/female nature
within their one nature,
have no guideposts as to what their true goals should be.
4.138.1 They have lost their way and have created
a spurious society amongst themselves
in which the joy and personal fulfilment they seek
is negated by their pre-occupation with bodily functions
rather than with spiritual achievements.