CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 151 She must recognise that the role of provider of emotional security
is absolutely vital to society. She provides the glue of love and well-being
which holds families, cities, countries together. When she understands her true place and goals in society,
and seeks to perform and achieve them in the highest way possible,
she is moving forward rapidly on the path to unconditional love
and the highest rewards in personal fulfilment and happiness. She will also move on to a higher level of consciousness
– perhaps as a male in her next life,
who will bring great benefits to mankind.

4.133.2 Similarly, spiritually evolved males – even spiritual teachers –
return to life on earth to learn true humility and to put
all their high principles of existence into daily practice
as a loving woman who mothers with wisdom and nurtures
all who have need of what she can offer.

4.134 Where then, is the inequality?
4.134.1 Remove the scales from your limited sight and intellect
and see with clear vision that there should be no inequality
– only shared INTENTIONS to express all that you have both
drawn from Divine Consciousness in the most spiritual way
to achieve the highest happiness possible on earth.
4.135 in years to come, when a man and woman have evolved spiritually,
if or when divided in intention, they will together take their intentions
What is to be created in our circumstances?
4.135.1 What is our best way ahead?

4.135.2 When they have received answers, they will accept them
with loving heart and pool them.
4.135.3 Any differences in answer will be respected
and again taken to Divine Consciousness
with the same request until they reach sincere consensus.
4.135.4 Together, man and woman will then return and
ask of Divine Consciousness:
How may we best achieve our purposes?

4.135.5 And again, they pool their answers and continue asking until
they finally arrive at a working plan which has been conceived,
not in the human brain alone, but in the highest dimension of creativity

4.135.6 Working together in this way, they will eventually experience
the bliss of true unity of soul, mind, heart and body.