CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 150
4.127 The man’s role is to provide physical security
and material means of subsistence for the family.
4.128 The woman’s role is to provide emotional security
and the emotional means of personal fulfilment
and joy within the family environment.
4.129 In the past, in the East and West, the male has exercised his role
of dominance within the home,
making the woman subservient and obedient to his will.
4.129.1 In so doing, he has bent and distorted
the energies of Divine Consciousness
and channelled them through his mind and heart into a bent civilisation.
4.129.2 He has also distorted the woman’s consciousness
by instilling in her a deep resentment of her subservient role
which she knows intuitively she should not be expected to endure.
4.129.3 Therefore, he has created a degraded and degrading way of life
for himself and partner,
entirely in conflict with the NATURE of his SOURCE of BEING.
4.130 The fact that the female has had to exercise her masculine
drive of aggression to express her equality of being,
to achieve the respect due to her within society, means that
your civilisation has become thoroughly destabilised and unhealthy.
The woman is usurping the male role out of desperation
but in doing so, she is defeating the intention behind creation.
4.131 Male and female have lost their way completely.
4.131.1 In under-developed countries, people are only half alive,
trying to solve the division between male and female through casual sex.
4.131.2 As a result, man and woman become ever more divided and unfulfilled.
4.131.3 Conflict in the family unit creates stress, misery and separation,
even though they may live under one roof.
4.132 In developed countries, psychiatric offices are filled with unhappy people
and children who say they do not know who they really are
or what their purpose is in life.
4.132.1 They are asking the experts who do not know the answers either.
section sectorial
4.133 It should be remembered also, that each person, male and female,
have lessons to learn in life which can only be learnt in the sex
– and the race – in which they find themselves.
4.133.1 Therefore, a woman must accept her role in life
as the provider of emotional love and security to her mate and children,
with self-respect and dignity and perform it to the very best of her ability.