CHRIST Returns Raison d'etre of the Letters
Letter 1 rosepage 15


is the spiritual evolution of the human consciousness
that brings about the mental and physical evolution
in your personal and global lives and brings humanity
into ever more harmonious states of well-being.
1.13.2 If you find this hard to believe, reflect on the past two thousand years
and see what has been accomplished
since I last spoke to people in person.
1.13.3 There has been a gradual evolutionary trend towards
the brotherly love I constantly preached to the Jews.
1.13.4 When I walked the earth, there were no such humanitarian
organizations as you have now.
Ambition, greed, and self-gratification
were regarded as normal behavior.

1.13.5 There was little brotherly love even amongst the Jews whose prophets,
for generations, had exhorted them to love their neighbors as themselves.

1.14 As humanity has developed its capacity for brotherly love
so has humanity made life more pleasant and comfortable for itself
in the form of mutual consideration, courtesy, kindness
and in the provision of hospitals, child welfare societies, care of the aged,
human rights movements, and many other institutions
devoted to the improvement of the human condition.
1.14.1 All these have been born in the hearts and minds of those
who sincerely heeded my original words spoken in Palestine
urging people towards brotherly love and compassion for their fellow men.

1.15 This form of spiritual caring and brotherly love gained
tremendous impetus in the 19th century, when my words were preached
with renewed sincerity and intensity from pulpits and gladly received
by earnest and sincere congregations.
1.15.1 Preachers and congregations were, by that time,
spread world-wide on every continent.
1.15.2 The Sabbath was truly regarded as a day of rest
and the thoughts of the majority of Christian people
were lifted to the contemplation of the power of God.

1.15.3 Such a world-wide cessation from normal duties and occupations,
meant that a 24-hour long elevation of conscious thought
towards the
Divine Creative Power
created a regular and powerful human/Divine consciousness
underpinning and inter-threading human lives.