CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 149
4.122.4 The male and female have been individualised
to experience and formulate INTENTION in their lives.
4.122.5 This is the very first impulse of creativity.
4.123 The male and female have been individualised
to experience and express WILLPOWER.
4.123.1 WILLPOWER in the MALE is experienced and expressed
primarily as Activity. In primitive forms
– he moves out into the environment to fulfill his intention. Therefore, he dons the robes of the leader and quester. He was individualised to think and work to fulfill his purposes
without the encumbrance of emotions.
4.123.2 WILLPOWER in the FEMALE is motivated and experienced
primarily as Feeling
the Need to Nurture the original INTENTION and bring it,
purposefully to full term – fruition – through the process of caring,
feeding, clothing, repairing, teaching, protecting.
4.124 PURPOSE is entirely different to INTENTION
since purpose comes down from the mental plane of intention
and becomes an emotional drive,
a desire to formulate a means to achieve the intended end.
4.125 A powerful INTENTION to do something becomes a PURPOSE
behind continued existence.

4.125.1 In this way, thought and feeling are married
to perform the work of creation. The male is constantly roaming seeking new ideas,
new ways to fulfill his intentions to give him purpose in life. The female’s intentions are purpose personified,
sensitive and stable, prepared to make sacrifices for the loved ones. Therefore, the two basic IMPULSES within the SOURCE of BEING
– expressed in physical form as male and female –
are inter-dependent. One could not survive without the other. Both are needed for the continuity of creation.
4.126 Because of his masculine mobility, his leadership drive,
the male has considered himself superior to the female.
4.126.1 This is because she remains stable, creating security for the male.

4.126.2 But the feminine drive is the drive of unconditional love,
the drive worthy of the highest respect and consideration
to enable her to flourish and perform her innate purpose
within the household in peace of mind and joy.