CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 148
4.118 Only when their vision is lifted above the earthly
human perception of male and female
– and beyond their earthly desires and ego drive –
to the Reality out of which they have drawn their being,
will they escape the wheel of re-incarnation
and find entrance to the ultimate Joy and Glory.
4.119 If, within a culture, a woman is regarded only as a possession,
an object of a man’s desires, and not treated as a woman,
absolutely equal with a man, such a culture has not understood
the true nature of man and the true nature of woman.
4.120 Man and woman are two equal halves of one whole.

4.120.1 When single and alone the man is manifesting but one aspect
of his SOURCE OF BEING; and when woman lives alone and single,
she also manifests but one aspect of her SOURCE OF BEING.

ITs own wholeness through creation by individualising, in physical form,
each of the two equally balanced aspects of ITSELF
and then bringing them together again in physical form,
to experience the unity and wholeness of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS
from which they originally took their individuality.
4.120.1 As they come together in love and unity of spirit and body, they discover
the joy and ecstasy of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS in equilibrium.
(This entire process is clearly set out in Letters 5 and 7)
4.120.2 Therefore, the combination of the masculinity of the man and
the femininity of the woman is essential to make a ‘whole’ drawn from
the SOURCE of BEING. Out of this combination is formed a whole child.
4.121 When I was in the desert in Palestine, I first perceived that
the over-riding nature of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS Creativity,
4.121.1 The Intention to create, plan and design – and then to bring forth
that design by growing it, feeding, healing, protecting,
and fulfilling its every need in a disciplined manner.
4.122 Both male and female have been evolved in physical form
and consciousness to experience – INTENTION
and express it in all ways possible in their lives.
This is the very first act of creativity.
4.122.1 Without INTENTION there would be no CREATION.
4.122.2 INTENTION is the origin of - and permeates - the whole of existence.
4.122.3 INTENTION defines the nature of the deed – loving or destructive