CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 147
4.111.1 He should give her the highest respect,
and love and care – at all times – to enable her
to carry her burdens with greater ease, for it is she
who gives visible form to what is first conceived in mind.
4.112 When a woman receives a sperm which unites with her ovum
within the recesses of her body, a miracle is wrought to which you,
the man, have done nothing to contribute, other than your sperm
in a moment of delight – in which is your reward.
4.112.1 You can only contribute to the continued health and
normal development of the miracle you have given life to
in your partner’s body, by your unfailing, caring love for her well-being
and health, and protecting her from all emotional and external harm.
4.112.2 This is your masculine responsibility.
Only in this way do you deserve to remain at her side
as father of her child.

4.112.3 If you fail in this, you have no value as father to the child
– and have no value to yourself as a man born to manifest
your spiritual Divine Consciousness Father within your physical life.
4.113 A man who harasses a woman carrying his child, who treats her
with contempt, who offers harsh and brutal words and physical treatment
is breaking the most fundamental Law of Existence in which
male and female should be united in equality of Divine Beingness.

4.114 Women who are respected and loved and protected
should equally respect and love and offer
refreshment of spirit and body to her partner,
nurturing his capacity for giving of himself to her.
4.115 A woman who does not nurture her partner with caring, tenderness and love,
is depriving his masculine spirit of the will to endure
in face of difficulties he encounters in the external world.

4.115.1 He will seek his solace from another source – men or women
– drink or drugs – or by isolating himself within the household,
of use neither to partner nor children. Therefore, men and women
have an equal responsibility to cherish each other.
4.116 Just as the Man must learn to channel, daily,
the Father Aspect of Divine Consciousness
towards family and work, so must Woman learn to express
the Mother aspect of Divine Consciousness in her daily life.
4.117 Those who deny this Truth will be denied access to the Celestial Kingdoms until they have increased their spiritual perception,
and prayerfully changed their attitudes.
4.118 Only when their vision is lifted above the earthly
human perception of male and female