CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 146
4.106.3 You will be enslaved by desire and will be in a constant turmoil
of inner conflict. Therefore, do not avoid temptation by covering women
and living in artificial conditions of pseudo purity.
4.107.4 Rather – men and women, remove your clothes,
revere each other’s bodies as the outer visible beautiful forms
of the inner DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS and experience
the release that true spiritual purity will bring you.
4.107.5 Suffer grievous temptation – and overcome!
4.107.6 Take your conflict to Divine Consciousness
and seek Its power to help you overcome your physical longing,
for only in this way will you find the freedom,
the peace of mind, you are basically seeking.
4.107.6 If, at the moment, you seek relief and release of your craving
by giving way to it, that is no freedom or release.
The self-same craving will return in due course
– and once again you will know the searing conflict.
4.107.7 If again you give way – again the conflict, even more intense,
awaits your decision to stand firm in the power of Divine Consciousness
until the craving is finally subdued by perceiving the sacred beauty,
the Reality behind and within all physical form.
4.108 The highest spirituality between the sexes is
when man and woman can be together naked and at peace together,
in a state of mutual reverence of soul, mind, heart, and body.
4.108 In such spirituality, all they feel for each other is love
and regard for the well-being of the other.
4.108 Out of such LOVE and compassionate tender CARING will come
a union of ecstatic being that few have experienced – and, if intended,
a child of incomparable beauty of body and mind will be conceived.
4.109 In the centuries ahead, when people have begun
to evolve spiritually on every level of their humanhood,
such a love between partners will be normal
– and the kind of selfish sex, seeking only physical satisfaction,
as indulged in at this present time, will be regarded as utterly degrading
– as abhorrent as rape.

4.110 At the present time, the highest spiritual way to follow in regard to the sexes, is to acknowledge and abide by the perception, that:
4.110.1 Men and women were created to perform special tasks in life
suited to their underlying natures.
4.110.2 The man impregnates the woman.
4.110.3 Without the woman’s good will and help, the man would go to the end
of his days – childless – without a human being to carry on his name.

4.111 Therefore the man should treat a woman as wholly equal
but born to carry different responsibilities.