CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 144
4.95.10 What kind of imagery or picture of your Prophet are you sending out
to the rest of the world?
4.95.11 I will tell you – of a man demented and obsessed
by the lowly state of the female sex, who regarded a woman as
a man’s possession to be imprisoned from the world.
4.95.12 A man unaware of a woman’s true needs to be happy,
a man oblivious of her misery in the captive, subjected state.

4.95.13 This man has nothing whatever to do with
the true Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam.

4.96 When on earth, he revered and respected the female sex.
4.96.1 It was from the female of the species he derived the means
to move forward on his spiritual path to enlightenment.
4.96.2 He owed them much and knew that,
although they were different in body, they were equal in spirit.
4.96.3 In fact, it was no accident that he came to earth, poor and deprived,
to meet a lady of extreme virtue, material wealth and spiritual insight
to help raise him up to the stature of Prophet when he was fitted to fill it.

4.97 That was the purpose behind Muhammad’s coming to earth
– to restore woman to her rightful place
– as equal partner of dominant man.
4.98 Consider this well. After enlightenment, I, in the person of Jesus,
became celibate because I chose to do so but this in no way
interfered with my love for the women who ministered to my needs.
4.98.1 But Muhammad, after enlightenment knew many women
and his ministry was of one who was called upon to learn
how to live and deal with women equitably and with love.
4.99 Just as expediency caused my followers to report my doings
and teachings selectively to promote their own purposes,
so has the selfishness of certain spiritually blind individuals
caused them to distort Muhammad’s original teaching
with numerous additions and interpretations never intended by Muhammad.
4.99.1 In such a way is every great spiritual Teacher’s work
overlaid by the misinformation of human thought
until the Truth is so shrouded in fallacies that people are led
seriously astray and even caused to sin in ignorance.