CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 143
4.91 At the moment your approach to your sexuality
is your barrier to your ascension in consciousness.
It roots you in your humanhood.
4.92 I - We – cannot emphasize sufficiently that you have not discovered
the Truth of your existence until you have fully understood and sought
to implement in your daily lives, in your homes and workplace,
your full comprehension of the true meaning of ‘man’ and ‘woman’.
4.93 You have been told that you must not commit adultery.
4.93 But I tell you that when you desire your neighbour’s wife or husband,
you are making pictures in your thoughts which will affect
the thinking of your neighbour’s wife or husband.
4.93.1 He or she will begin to think about you in the same way
– or will feel uncomfortable in your company, feeling your sexual need,
and will avoid you in future.
4.94 What is in your mind will surely come into being in the world.
4.94.1 So do not fool yourself that you can daydream and conjure up
pictures pleasing to yourself which will damage no one else.
4.94.2 For this reason, your pornography literature is truly a blasphemous
desecration of your SOURCE of BEING
– it is a sexual scourge deliberatelywhipping up sexual appetites,
releasing through lustful men’s minds, untold suffering and misery
on the bodies, minds and emotions of female young.
4.95 What you have perpetrated and are presently doing has helped bring
your civilisation to its present edge of destruction.
4.95.1 Rest assured, the day of reckoning will come for you
who publish and distribute the printed sickness
and it will come for those who use it to arouse themselves.
4.95.2 You, in the Western world, have earned the contempt of the East
due to your decadent foolishness. You will not escape what you have sown.
4.95.3 And you of the East will not escape your foolishness
in your callous attitudes towards your women
who bear and raise your sons and precious daughters.
4.95.4 Some of you, in ignorance of Truth, for your own selfish purposes and gain, have made a mockery of the Truth of Muhammad!
4.95.5 You have shrouded your women in heavy garments,
denying them freedom of movement
and of Allah’s fresh air as they venture out amongst other people.
4.95.6 To what kind of man will your beliefs and your irrational,
ego-centric behaviour appeal?
4.95.7 Only to men who have no kindly feeling for women.
4.95.8 Is it such followers that your Prophet Muhammad would have attracted
when he was on earth?
4.95.9 No, indeed, he appealed only to the most spiritually minded of people.