CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 142
4.88.2 We speak to all – because each and every one in the world
needs this instruction to make it possible for you to move on
to higher levels of spiritual awareness.
4.89 Your personal and sexual relationships between men and women
are of far more importance to your overall well-being
than you can presently even imagine.
4.89.1 We deal with these relationships at length in the following pages,
only because it is absolutely imperative
– vital – for you men and women
to wake up to the basic reality of your male or female individuality
– and identity – and true source of gender differences.
4.89.2 You must fully understand the true origins
of your male and female bodies and characteristics.

4.89.3 They are not just bodies created with differing physical organs and
modes of sexual expression in order to create children.
4.89.4 They draw the origins of their masculinity or femininity
from their very SOURCE of BEING
– from within the equilibrium of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

(I am telling you this before you read Letter 5 so that you will study
that Letter bearing in mind what I am telling you now about your sexuality).

4.89.5 Therefore, if the sexuality of a man and woman is not used
in conformity with the Divine Consciousness Intention
expressed in the original act of creativity at the time of the Big Bang,
it is obvious that although the sexuality may produce children,
it will not bring to men and women the unity of being
and personal fulfilment and joy it was meant to bring. In fact, the reverse is true; eventually the sexual act itself
brings disappointment and satiation, after which any love
previously felt by partners, drains away.
4.90 With knowledge and understanding, spiritually based men and women
will make every attempt to transcend their present state of consciousness
in regard to male-female relationships of any kind,
no matter what those relationships may be, sexual or otherwise.
4.90.1 They will strive to express within their minds and hearts
the purposes for which they were created in different forms.
4.90.2 They will understand the origins of their differing innate impulses,
temperaments, and modes of self-expression and will value them.

4.90.3 They will use their differences
to enhance the well-being of each other.

4.90.4 Competition will disappear. As this happens, they will tune
into Divine Consciousness ever more easily.
4.90.5 As they tune into Divine Consciousness ever more easily,
so will they ascend into higher levels of spiritual consciousness