CHRIST Returnsabout Sexuality on Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 141
4.81.4 They will have reached that level of spiritual awareness
when they can perceive that behind all colour, language, beliefs,
actions of whatever kind, all people – all creation itself –
is one at the grass roots of their being.
4.82 Man and ant share the same origins within the equilibrium
4.82.1 THIS IS TRUE FREEDOM. The only freedom.
4.82.2 Until you are prepared to realise and accept that
your SOURCE of BEING within you, and above and around you,
can indeed flow into your mind and body DIRECTLY IN RESPONSE to PRAYER,
you will be subject to all the ailments
of the earthly and human consciousness.
4.83 When you steal, you will lose things also.
4.84 When you fight, and wound, maim and kill, you will be maimed,
wounded or killed in body and or spirit.
4.85 When you start a war, it will be a long and bitter struggle.
Everything evil you endure, you have been the original cause of it.
4.86 Yours is the ability to choose the way you wish to live in future.
4.86.1 You choose the way you will live by changing your consciousness
from antagonism to love and acceptance of every one equally.
4.87 If you imagine the damage and hurt you would like to inflict on another,
your thought will reach your enemy and will erode their strength
according to the intensity of your intention.
4.87.1 Do not think that your thought has dissolved and is no more.
4.87.2 It rests in electro-magnetic strength, taking on form
until it rebounds to harm you also.

4.87.3 You can do much damage with your thinking and feeling.
Damage to others and damage to yourself.
4.87.4 Therefore, guard them – the tools of your creativity – well, and
at all times turn to the l Father – Allah – Divine Consciousness and ask
for relief from any thought which is contrary to true unconditional love.
4.87.5 According to the power of your prayer and the sincere faith
in which you raise your mind to Divine Consciousness,
your thoughts will be imbued with new life and love.
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4.88 What We – the Brotherhood of Illuminates –
the Enlightened Ones – in CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS
are about to tell you is of vital importance to the world generally.
4.88.1 We speak equally – to Christian, Judaism, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist
and to every religion, and every race of the world.