CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 140
4.77.3 And pray too for your adversary because any ill-feeling you have towards him,
will only draw more pain and distress towards yourself.
4.77.4 Forgive him, pray for him, and you will bring into being,
blessings for yourself.
4.77.5 Not because you have ‘pleased’ the Father – Allah and ‘done the right thing’
– but because your consciousness will attract blessings into your experience.
4.78 You will be truly blessing yourself as you pray for blessings for others.
4.78.1 But let not this be your motive,
otherwise the blessing is tainted by your selfregard.
4.79 Always, in any situation when you are threatened – stop, stand, turn and
call on the Father – Divine Consciousness – for help – and watch the deliverance.
4.79.1 It will surely come.
4.80 I tell you beyond all fear of contradiction that if any of you will live in the protection
of the Father – Allah – Divine Consciousness, by radiating goodwill
and love to everyone in your life and country, and even
your so-called enemies, you will never be attacked, you will never
know sorrow, you will never be subject to any of the human ailments
and misfortunes which the human consciousness creates.

4.80.1 You will be enfolded in a mantle of Light and Love …
Divine Consciousness
will flow into your mind, your body and your life.
4.80.2 People may be falling ill around you, felled by an attack, or ‘drowning’
in an agony of fear, but you will walk the same path conscious that no one
has the least human power against the POWER – the SOURCE of your BEING
– which has given you your own being and life on earth.
4.80.3 Not one may dare deny this statement, since none who would want to deny it,
has reached the level of spiritual consciousness where such protection
is a normal occurrence. Therefore how can they deny this statement?
4.81 And I speak the self-same truth to those who have reached the level
of spiritual consciousness which perceives the universality of the Father – Allah
– Divine Consciousness
and Its abundant love radiated to all and everyone.
4.81.1 Such spiritual adepts strive to live within and radiate that love
– and will gladly confirm that this is a truth I have stated.
4.81.2 They will have experienced the miraculous protection
and fulfilment of need and will know they can relax in the sun
of the Father – Allah – Divine Consciousness goodwill and love.