CHRIST Returns Raison d'etre of the Letters
Letter 1 rosepage 14

for those who are ready to put foot to the path
which I travelled when on earth in Palestine.

1.6 You may doubt that the above words are true.
1.7 As you read these pages and go into the facts I am giving you
concerning existence and the origins of personality,
you will realize that
this truth could only have come from the highest source.
1.7.1 Those who have difficulty in understanding the LETTERS
should read them a page at a time, then put them aside and meditate.

1.7.2 Gradually, the meaning will seep into your consciousness
for these pages are a link between your consciousness
and my transcendent consciousness.
1.7.3 Come to these LETTERS with a mind as free of ideas
and beliefs and prejudice as a very little child
before it is indoctrinated with human belief.
1.7.4 Bring me your uncluttered mind, a seeking mind,
and I will fill it with true treasure,
the treasure of highest knowledge which, as you absorb it,
will lighten your daily load and lead you into
‘green pastures of brightest light’, signifying abundance,
joy, rapture and fulfillment of every need.

1.8 You will come to know how it feels to be abundantly blest
with all that exists beyond your present human comprehension.
1.9 These LETTERS are sent to all people throughout the world
with my compassion and love.
1.10 As you read them, you will feel the love and the compassion
and will come to realize that your daily struggles with existence
were never intended for you.
1.11 There is no need for you to experience pain and stress
when you understand, absorb and practice the TRUTH OF EXISTENCE.

1.12 They are intended to bring enlightenment
to the world generally, to enable humanity to construct
a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS during the next two thousand years.