CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 139
4.73 Muhammad, after enlightenment perceived the same indwell
universal Spirit, both existent and active in all things.
4.73.1 We – Muhammad and I, spoke to our fellow countrymen
of the same inspired Truth and asked them the same kind of questions.
4.73.2 Is such an all-knowing Father – Allah – Divine Consciousness
not also aware of your deeper needs
– your needs of love, health, and prosperity? How can you doubt this? Only have faith,
and your needs will be supplied according to your faith.
4.74 It is your lack of faith which withdraws energy from the natural flow
of Father Allah – Love in your bodies, relationships and lives.
4.75 So often in despair, when on earth in the person of Jesus, I exclaimed:

4.75.1 Would that I could tell you and show you and make you see how it is
that the Father knows your needs. Would I could show you how you,
yourselves, contribute to the making of your own tomorrows,
and the tomorrows of all those who surround you.
4.75.2 If only I could help you see that you truly reap as you sow! If only you could see
the truth of existence as I saw it when in the desert in Palestine.
4.75.3 You would know then that your thoughts and actions grow in magnitude
and strength, day by day, and take on outer form exactly as the seeds of plants
go into the earth and grow, taking on ever greater outer form of stems,
leaves and fruit, as each day passes after another.

4.75.4 I would I could show you how important you are every second of the day,
in the fabric of your home, your work and your country.

4.75.5 I long to help you see how your thoughts
are the origin of all your good and evil.
4.75.6 They are the very ground of your good and evil.

4.76 If it be that evil comes to you, do not look at your neighbour to see
from whence has come that evil – look within your own hearts and see
when last you were at odds with someone, destructively
– by slander, falsifying truth, rejection, criticism.
4.76.1 That was the moment of the birth of your present grief!