CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 138
4.67 Everything, bricks, mortar, steel, glass, paper, metal,
tyres, engines and petrol, is permeated with
the consciousness you exude as you go about your daily affairs.
4.67.1 This is the reason why some people leave a trail of destruction
behind them because they have an ill-humoured, irritable, critical,
destructive consciousness and others keep their possessions intact
and looking new for years because they appreciate and cherish them daily.
4.68 Everything on your earth is the energy of consciousness made visible
– be it in the form of solid inanimate matter or living plasma.
4.69 With your thoughts, you feed or destroy whatever is in your environment.
4.70 What are you doing to your family, home, and environment?
4.70.1 Are you grumbling, denigrating, destructive in thought
towards your work and other people? Then rest assured,
you are leaving a little trail of destructive consciousness behind you
which will help erode all that it penetrates and imbues.
4.71 If you focus on the desire to love, to accept, to work with gladness
in your heart, then everywhere you go you are shedding
a consciousness of strength, blessing and growth.
4.72 When I was on earth in Palestine, I was dealing with Orthodox Jews
who believed in and upheld codes of conduct so rigid
they bordered on cruelty; their traditional laws were inhibiting,
depressing, confining and ridiculous.
4.72.1 I brought to these people a new vision of an eternal Father
which was both transcendent to themselves
– and yet everywhere present
– ever aware of their needs, and of such universal love that they could
rest assured it was always the Father’s Will to fulfill those needs.
4.72.2 I told the people to look around them, look at the countryside,
at the hills where sheep and goats grazed in peace, at the lakes filled with fish,
and at the birds flying in the air and resting and nesting in trees,
and the flowers so gorgeously clothed in many colours.
4.72.3 I told them: “Look – understand what you are seeing.
You are seeing a world where everything has its needs,
and everything has those needs fulfilled. How can you doubt
when you see the sheep living entirely on grass? What does the grass contain that it feeds fleece, bone, blood and flesh
and produces young? Are you not witnessing a marvel of supply?
Look at the needs of birds how wonderfully they are provided for. They have shelter in trees and seeds for strength. As for people who have their needs of housing, food and clothes,
the Father has given them the entire world from which to fulfill their needs.”