CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 136
4.56 Have you caught a vision of what is really important in life?
4.57 Have you set yourself a spiritual plan, a spiritual goal
to be achieved before you pass on into the next beautiful dimension?
4.57.1 Will you be sufficiently purified and committed
to unconditional loving
to move into the higher levels of spiritual consciousness
– or will your goals still be those of your earth plane?

4.58 Ask yourself:
4.58.1 What part do you really want to play in your environment?
4.58.2 What is your spiritual destination? Just as importantly, what are
your attitudes towards other people – superiority and exclusivity –
or an awareness that most people are doing the best they can
with whatever talents they possess?
4.59 To reach your full potential you must realise that neither position
nor wealth can limit the power you exercise in the world.
4.59.1 Your only limitations are your attitudes
and thoughts arising from your attitudes.
4.60 The life-force radiated from the mind of king, prime minister,
general, or lowly servant, or soldier, is equally powerful
and productive of good in the environment,
providing each one disciplines his thoughts
to become attuned to the spiritual frequencies
of unconditional love and Divine Consciousness.
4.60.1 Furthermore, such thoughts enter and enhance
the world consciousness force itself. Each person adding
their spiritual thought to world spiritual thought strengthens it.
4.61 The only factor which determines the degree of imparting
of life-or-sickness propensities is the level of realisation and spiritual
understanding that a person has drawn from the SOURCE of BEING.
4.61.1 Therefore, the man who happily removes the neighbourhood refuse
with a good heart and a blessing on all whom he meets,
is a bright light shining in his little world, and the moneygrasping,
ill-tempered man of wealth and substance emerging
from his mansion to go to his office, is a pool of darkness
which can be felt negatively by those who venture near him.
4.61.2 No matter what you do, what you possess,
the position you occupy in life,
there is no limit to your potential development for good.
4.62 There is no limit to the potential grandeur and glory of your being.
4.62.1 Your only limitation is the amount of time and energy,
you are prepared to devote to meditating on your SOURCE of BEING
and opening your human consciousness to enter into IT
and receive IT into your mind.