CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 135
4.48.3 No, each job, each moment, can be sacred and beautiful,
radiant with the inflow of Divine Consciousness life force,
uplifting, healing to the self and others,
if a person takes time to realise he/she
is a channel of Divine Consciousness which is itself all healing,
all protection, all fulfilment of a person’s every need.
4.48.4 One person, even one who cleans the floors and empties bed pans,
possessing such a realisation can enter a room and become
the most important – perhaps, the only – distributor of good amongst
six people handing out bed pans. Such a person can leave behind
a legacy of increased strength in every patient.
4.48.5 Every single person who realises that from their eyes
is radiated potent life-force to those at whom the vision is directed,
can know that their glance, that penetrating look,
that smiling gaze has benefited the one who received it.
4.49 For everything we – yes, you and I, the CHRIST, think and do
is an act of consciousness – and consciousness is life-force.
4.49.1 With the activity of our minds, yours and mine,
we shape our consciousness, our life-force
into different forms which will bless or curse the environment.
4.50 The only difference between you and Muhammad
and myself, known on earth as Jesus, is the kind of
thought and feeling that Muhammad and I radiate to others.
4.50.1 We both radiate life-giving consciousness energy to the world.
4.51What are you radiating in your world?
4.52 Remember again, how, during a time of great stress
during my time in Palestine, I cursed the fig tree,
and it shrivelled to its roots.
Not long afterwards I was also roundly cursed
by Roman soldiers and Jewish priests alike.
4.52.1 I, too, was shrivelled to my roots before I died on the cross.
4.53 Beware what you hand out to others;
make certain that you would like to receive the same.

4.54 A cup of water handed to someone with love
can bless and uplift that person or,
if handed out with ill-feeling can make the recipient
feel small and of no account
– a little weaker and more depressed.

4.55 What part are you playing in your environment?
4.55.1 Are you honoured and recognised for the love and goodwill
you distribute the moment you set foot in your work place?