CHRIST ReturnsThe Importance of the Person
Letter 4 rosepage 134
their will to be special for people by making other people feel
better than they did before the contact took place.
4.44.5 Every condition arises out of the WILL which is exercised at all times.
4.44.6 Some have been born with great willpower, others with less, but
4.45 the moment that a person fully realises that all WILLPOWER
has been drawn from UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and
4.45.1 WILLPOWER can be increased by calling on
one’s SOURCE of BEING for increased willpower, so does
4.45.2 the person begin to realise that willpower is not limited after all.
4.45.3 It can be drawn, according to the magnitude and strength of one’s faith,
4.46 Each and everyone of each gender, every race, nation, religion,
every level of resources and income from pauper to king,
is equally important in the moment of NOW, in the moment of end of day.
4.46.1 True differences only arise from what each person gives of himself
to this moment, the next moment, and the rest of the day.

4.47 A King or Prime Minister can be remembered for his goodness,
the benefits he brought his country, or for the misery he imposed
on the people. Similarly, a man born into an impoverished family,
who may not have developed his abilities to any high level, but
4.47.1 who gave his all in his service to his environment
will eventually be as revered by kin and friends
– and in the next life reap of his sowing as does the King or Prime Minister.
4.47.2 Such a person will have contributed life to his environment,
because the nature of life force is unconditional love and service,
work and harmony, giving whatever is necessary
for the fulfilment of the needs of another.
4.48 If, each day, your life-force is spent in just giving a cup of tea
to people who are sick, then let that life-force be spent
in its highest form: as eager willingness to walk to the patient
with a warm smile, and hand over the tea with kindness,
goodwill, and a desire for the healing of the person.
4.48.1 In such a way, a tea giver can become a radiant medium
of healing and upliftment. The more frequently the tea-giver calls silently for an inflow
of Divine Consciousness into her own consciousness, the greater
and more penetrating will be her radiated life-force to the patient.