CHRIST ReturnsThe Importance of the Person
Letter 4 rosepage 133
4.41 You are ALL able to rise up, little by little, from whatever spiritual
level of consciousness you presently occupy, to the heights
of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS within the Celestial Kingdoms.
4.42 As you accept these Letters as being the TRUTH of EXISTENCE
and seek, daily, to live the guidelines which will bring each of you
into harmony and contact with THAT WHICH GAVE YOU BEING
– you will surely move towards and achieve the highest spiritual goals
you have set yourself at this present time.
4.42.1 You can all rise to the point where you fully accept the TRUTH,
work to purify your personal consciousness in order to absorb
DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS and become individuals filled with
– and radiating – the Power of Divine Consciousness in your immediate
surroundings and eventually throughout the world.
4.43 YOU are ALL important within your immediate environment.
4.43.1 The parent who feels that all that is done for the family
is not appreciated, who feels that he/she does not make
an impact on family life, is never heard, respected, loved, who feels
that outside the home or in the workplace he/she is of no consequence
and will not be missed, is lacking insight.
4.43.2 Such a person, be they male, female, father, mother, friend, worker,
employer, all make an impact on their environment.
If they were removed from it, there would be a hole in the fabric
of the environment, there would be loss, and it would take time
for that gap to be filled in with the arrival of someone else
and by new activities of those left behind.
4.43.3 A void is left by the biggest Power and Voice, Doer of good,
or the most menial worker sweeping the floor or garden paths.
4.43.4 Each one inhabits a special place in the whole environment.
4.43.5 Each one brings their own talent, their own character, their own way
of doing things, their own impact on the people they speak to,
to the place where they live or work.
4.43.6 They are vital in their own niche.
4.44 No one can rob a person of their importance,
except the person himself by his denial of his value.
4.44.1 No matter if a person is born handicapped – they still have
their unique place of importance in the family, the environment.
4.44.2 Sometimes, they occupy a greater position of importance
than if they had been born whole and perfect.
4.44.3 Their achievements arouse wonder and respect.
4.44.4 The impact they make on the environment depends entirely
on their will to be, their will to act, their will to radiate good will,
their will to make the most of their opportunities,