CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 132

4.36.2 You of good sense, good will, and good heart, sincere and true,
will be able to reply – no, the rain is not different.
It is exactly the same in quality and being as the rest of the rain;
the only difference is that green, or red, or blue dye has been added.
Therefore, it has become something more than the rain falling around us, but
the droplet of rain in the palm of my hand is basically the same as the rain.
4.37 Every one of you, no matter who you are, what colour skin you may possess, what kind of hair adorns your head and protects it from the sun,
the shape of your head or body, the language you speak, the thoughts
you think, the kind of words you use, the actions and deeds you perform
as a result of your beliefs and your thoughts – no matter what your
exactly the same as each other, of the same quality, begotten of the same
SOURCE OF BEING, having the same potential in infinity,
the same spiritual capacities in infinity in every respect.
4.37.1 The only difference between everyone of you, Muslim Arab, Russian Jew, American Christian, Tibetan Buddhist, Indian Hindu,
are the additives which have been pumped into each of you
as a result of your genetics derived from your parentage and race,
environment, family upbringing, family resources poor or wealthy,
education, and opportunities in life.
4.38 BUT – these are ALL superficials.
They are additives masking your Reality you call your soul
even as dye will mask the truth concerning the drop of water
in the palm of your hand. Your soul comes directly
from Divine Consciousness and remains itself, pristine and pure,
and unified in Divine Consciousness with all other souls,
despite all the additives which have covered and corroded it since birth.
4.39 You must also realise that everyone is born with differing human
capacities to make use of the additives pumped into them at birth.
The human capacities to be utilised by each soul depend
on the spiritual progress it made in previous lives.