CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 131
4.32 We are both aware of the struggles of individual Jews to live a good life,
and of individuals of Islam to truly reverence and venerate Allah
throughout the day, attributing all they do
and achieve to his power working on their behalf,
and of Christians immersed in their beliefs of Salvation
by the blood of Jesus – you are all striving to attain goodness
but will never do so whilst you remain divided by your beliefs.
4.33 Once the maelstrom of the present
world consciousness of mutual aggression
has been fully spent – the day will surely come when Muslim,
Jew, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu will gather together,
rejecting their differences in religious beliefs and mingling as one people,
to give thanks to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS out of WHICH
they have drawn their being, and from WHICH will come
all future boundless blessings of beautiful, inspired and caring lives.

4.34 Together you will rebuild on old foundations and will say:

Let such a thing never happen between people again
for now we know that at the roots of our existence,
we are truly one. When I make you suffer,
I too am lessened in Divine Life, and my own suffering will follow.
are also fully aware of Buddhists and Hindus, followers of Tao,
the spiritual adepts in the Philippines, and every other sect
and religious discipline in every country, which is aimed
at reaching and touching, even momentarily, the equilibrium

4.35.1 We are aware of ALL. YOU are all encompassed within
our Universal Love, Compassion and Caring.
4.35.2 YOU are all important to us, irrespective of your beliefs,
for you are all ONE at the grass roots of your being
– your souls are unified in Divine Consciousness.
4.35.3 One and ALL, you are unified and one at soul level
within your SOURCE of BEING