CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 130
4.25.3 Therefore, our inspiration came to us through minds
already possessed by other ideas. As I have previously told you,
inspiration, unless directed into a clean, deprogrammed mind,
will always take on the overtones of convictions
derived from early childhood conditioning.
4.25.4 The rational mind which takes over when the inflow of inspiration ceases,
begins to explain the new knowledge and insight
in terms of what is already accepted by the human mind.
4.26 But, as I have already told you, I was a rebel almost from
the outset of my life and could not accept the Judaic beliefs.

4.26.1 I was a clean, eagerly receptive, open-minded vessel
into which the TRUTH OF EXISENCE could be poured in the desert,
enabling me to see UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS clearly.
4.27 Now our perceptions are of the very highest order
– we are of one MIND, one LIFE, one LOVE, reaching out equally to
Muslim and Jew and Christian, Buddhist and all people, atheist or agnostic.
4.27.1 Our only motive in calling to them is to bring them
inspired heart-changing insight which will enable them
to recognise their essential underlying brotherhood in spirit,
encourage them to think new thoughts,
relate to each other peacefully with forgiveness in their hearts, and thereafter
live their lives differently, drawing LIGHT from their SOURCE of BEING.
4.27.2 We would both speak of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS
to you who are living in this present scientific age
because you have travelled far into scientific understanding
and can now receive what we both have to say.

4.27.3 Together we say with one voice – heed, listen: WE
– and you on earth – are all one at the very roots of our being.
4.28 Whatever destruction you hand out to others,
you are also handing out to yourselves
4.29 I – WE – must make it clear that WE have come to all people of good sense, good will and good heart, irrespective of their present race and religious beliefs.
WE embrace, love, draw you all into our consciousness mantle
of protection and safety.
4.30 WE are aware of your problems on earth at this present time.
WE are aware of the centuries-old conflict between Judaism and Islam.
4.30.1 But this rift has nothing to do with US.
4.30.2 Your squabbles leave us unmoved.
4.30.3 Why jeopardise your own good, your own future felicity by fighting
over some concept which is meaningless and therefore without value?