CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 128
4.14.4 The goats, unfortunately, will have to endure all the horrific force
of their innate rebellious consciousness.
4.15 This is NOT a punishment from Someone on High
– but a natural working out of the Law of Existence:
what you carry in your minds and hearts will eventually
externalise in your body, life and environment.
4.15.1 When you resist and rebel, life offers resistance to you
in the fulfilment of your desires.

4.16 I have long since ascended to the highest frequencies
of consciousness vibration in the Celestial Kingdoms
and am Divine Consciousness Itself individualised.
4.16.1 My Consciousness can encircle the globe
to whoever calls on me.

4.17 So is it with all the great Teachers who have lived on earth, and
were enlightened and perceived the REALITY of the SOURCE of all BEING,
and have taught people from their exalted level of enlightenment.
4.17.1 They were lifted in spiritual Power to penetrate the dense veil
of human consciousness and perceive what truly lay
beyond the world of matter – they saw,
as clearly as previous mental conditioning would permit,
the basic unity of creation, within the realm of Creativity Itself.

4.17.2 One and all have, after transition into the next dimension of existence,
escaped the treadmill of reincarnation and moved on
into ever higher realms of individual pure spiritual consciousness
to the portals of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS Itself.
4.17.3 They have become Individualised DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS
possessing the power and the insight of Divine Consciousness.
They, too, share in the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS as I said in an earlier Letter.
4.17.4 They combine the heights of Intelligent Love with the heights of Loving Intelligence, combining the Power of Will with the Power of Purpose.
4.17.5 They are equally male and female in their drives.
4.17.6 They are the perfect demonstration of strength and nurturing.
4.17.7 They are the perfect EXAMPLE of what all men
– and women – should be striving to attain.
4.18 To attain to such perfection of being, the human spirit
must set aside all divisions and rivalry.
4.19 Whoever may be your acclaimed Prophet,
you can be assured that he is LIFE ITSELF
and powerful within the Brotherhood of all great Teachers.