CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 127
4.10.2 Where they experienced a pin-prick,
they are stock-piling in consciousness,
the future devastation they are presently dumping on others.
Perhaps they should regard the pin-prick from the weak as a bugle call
to alert them to their downward slide into moral decadence.
4.10.3 Because such people are constantly breaking the LAWS of EXISTENCE,
and drawing destruction of an unparalleled magnitude upon cities and earth,
it is my intention in this Letter not only to summarise all that I taught
and lived in Palestine but to spell out clearly the underlying causes
  of your approaching world crisis,
which I did not cover when last I came to mankind in speech.
4.11 These LETTERS have been written prior to the most crucial time
in your history, and when the travail is truly upon you,
you will wonder why I did not warn you earlier.
4.11.1 But, I have to tell you, through receptive minds,
I have been trying to alert the world for the past twenty five years,
but neither media, nor publishing house, nor TV,
was prepared to listen and give me the opportunity
to speak to you through my agents.
4.11.2 Politicians could reach you – but I, the CHRIST,
could not do so because of the hardness of your hearts
and your refusal to concede that
I, the living CHRIST
could return at this time
through deprogrammed and dedicated minds to warn nations
of what they were creating for themselves in the future.
4.12 The churches, who claim to believe in my existence,
have been as self-absorbed in their own humanly conceived
religious traditions as have the materialists.
4.13 Now, at the Eleventh Hour, when fear has descended on the masses,
and they are prepared to heed my words, the doors must surely open
or again my efforts for humanity will have been in vain.
4.14 I have come to say there will indeed be a sorting of the goats
from the sheep as has been recorded in the gospels in the Bible.
4.14.1 The sheep refer to those souls who can peacefully receive
the highest spiritual truth yet dispensed on earth.
4.14.2 The goats refer to those who do not have the capacity
to listen to anyone or anything
because they have too great a rebellious spirit and egodrive.