CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 126
4.5.1 I came to the Jews to warn them that their code of conduct
would be of no value to them when the future time of travail came upon then, sending them out into a hostile world.
4.6 It is recorded in a gospel that I wept in despair, lamenting the fact that
I would have gathered the people as chicks beneath a mother hen’s breast,
to protect them in their time of destruction but the people would not heed me.
4.6.1 Instead, their religious leaders put me to death.

4.6.2 But after the dispersal of the Jews, when their Temple was taken from them,
did they learn from their experiences?
4.6.3 Did they wonder why such a catastrophe had overtaken them?
No, they continued in their old traditions and belief in their superiority,
although repeatedly, historical events proved to them that
they were subject to disasters as were other people.
4.6.4 At this very time, they have chosen to ignore
the TRUTHS of EXISTENCE as I taught them in Palestine,
and are bringing upon themselves
the selfsame conditions as followed my earthly life in Palestine.

4.7 No matter where they may reside, their materialistic values,
their head-for-an-eye traditions, are drawing to them the human sorrow
they have created for others down the ages by their arrogance and greed.
4.7.1 Everything they have endured, they have brought upon themselves.
4.7.2 This also applies to those who, through expediency,
have allied themselves with Jews because of their financial power
within world financial spheres and world markets.
4.8 Who is it keeps the vast majority of the world population hungry
when there is sufficient food stockpiled to feed people adequately
if profit as motive for existence were abandoned?

4.9 Given the will, financial leaders could formulate and embark on plans
to distribute the surplus of goods to the under-privileged.
4.9.1 If they were to do so, they would find the entire universe
responding with blessings, world economy would flourish
and peace would become a world condition.

4.9.2 Before this can happen,
what has already been created in consciousness and by aggressive,
debased actions, WORLD-WIDE,

must first be drawn into materialised human experience
– not as retribution but as a natural working of the LAWS of EXISTENCE.