CHRIST Returns
The Future on planet Earth
Letter 4 rosepage 125

Letter 4



have come – in my love for you –

to make a summary of all that I perceived during enlightenment in the desert
and tried to teach the Jews in Palestine 2000 years ago.
4.1.1 Some details of my earthly life have been related in Letters 1, 2 and 3. If you have read these, you will know it is of the utmost importance
to your well-being to understand that – whilst my followers eventually
created a religion they called ‘Christianity’ founded on reports
of my life and teachings – I am not dictating these Letters
to teach and confirm what my followers have taught.

4.2 Christianity is a formal religion which, purely for reasons of expediency,
took on many beliefs contrary to the spiritual Truth of our SOURCE of BEING.
4.3 What has the spilling of blood to do with UNIVERSAL SPIRIT?
4.4 As you must now realise, my teaching from the very beginning
of my mission on earth in Palestine, has always been born
of the highest spiritual Truth of Existence, having nothing to do
with human concepts and rationalisations as taught by human minds.

4.4.1 Therefore, I repeat emphatically, whilst my persona on earth
two thousand years ago was that of JESUS,
the purpose of my presence, the CHRIST PRESENCE,
within these Letters is to reach sensitive and inspired souls
to teach them how to draw on Divine Assistance during
the future horror in which the world will ultimately be embroiled.

4.4.2 For this reason, my powerful longing to rescue those who can
receive me has been crystallised in the form
of TRUTH OF EXISTENCE within these Letters.
4.4.3 Know this – heed it.
4.5 I would have you know
– and take particular note –

that I came to the Jews in Palestine 70 years before Jerusalem
was razed to the ground.