CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 3
rosepage 124
3.167.1 To enable YOU to reach these pinnacles of love, joy,
harmony and rapture, I lived, worked and died in Palestine
and I have come to you now in these Letters.
3.168 Let not my work be in vain this second time.
3.169 As you read these pages, seek, meditate and pray for inspiration,
you will come to feel the Father’s response
and if you listen every day attentively, you will hear the Father’s Voice.
3.170 This Voice is ever with you.

3.170.1 Dismantle the barriers created by self-will.
3.170.2 Open yourselves to receive strength, power, inspiration and love
direct from the Father_Love Consciousness.
3.171 Read and re-read these Letters that they may eventually
become absorbed into your consciousness.
3.171.1 As you do so, you will be journeying towards LIGHT,
and you will radiate LIGHT to others.
Such LIGHT is not just ‘light’ as is electricity
but is the very nature of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS
which I described to you in my Letter 1.
3.171.2 Therefore, as you radiate the LIGHT,
you will radiate unconditional love.
3.171.3 You will promote the growth and spiritual development
of every other living entity.
3.171.4 You will yearn to nourish and nurture, you will work
to promote protection and healing and education.
3.171.5 You will long to assist in the establishment of loving law and order
in which all will be able to live harmoniously, successfully and prosperously.
You will be in the Kingdom of Heaven.
3.172 At the same time, let there be no illusions.
3.173 As steps are taken to introduce these Letters to the outside world,
there will be exactly the same recriminations,
the same condemnation, the same talk of Satan,
the devil, as there was when I first taught in Palestine.
3.174 Take heart, pray for courage.
3.174.1 Those who endure to the end
will rise above the turmoil and violence and will rest
in the peace and joy of the kingdom.

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