CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 3 rosepage 123
3.163 However, I want you to know that the individualised consciousness
which has ascended in vibrational frequencies
to the very portals of the Universal Creative Dimension
in which to express and enjoy all that the GLORIOUS CONSCIOUSNESS
can devise in the highest SPIRITUAL REALMS.
3.163.1 It is a supreme and enraptured state of being having none of the needs,
desires, impulses experienced by those who have not fully
mounted high beyond and above the ego.
3.164 Whilst living on earth, your minds remain anchored
within certain parameters of vibrational frequencies,
imprisoned in bodies which have their own needs.
3.164.1 If your consciousness were to truly soar beyond these parameters,
your earthly self would disappear.
3.164.2 When I was trapped in a body, I was also largely confined
to these parameters of vibrational frequencies and consciousness.
3.164.3 Furthermore, imagination alone can soar no further than your
previous experiences and therefore you are confined
to your past which you project into your future.
3.164.4 However – little by little – you will be led by those minds
which are sensitive enough to access the higher spiritual dimensions
and can thus move beyond your present consciousness boundaries.
3.164.5 They will record for you those wondrous experiences
and states of being beyond your own,
to which you yourselves will then be able to aspire.
3.164.6 In this way, you go forwards in levels or steps of spiritual development.
3.165 Each step brings you a higher vision of what can be achieved
and out of this vision you formulate a new goal.
3.165.1 With this goal ever before you, you work to cleanse yourself
of the contaminating influence of the bonding~rejection impulses
of your earthly existence.
3.166 Step by step you transcend your ego.
3.167 When you transcend your ego and it dies within your consciousness,
you are now abundantly alive within the Father_Love Consciousness
and find the reality of the kingdom of heaven in your lives,
within yourself and in your environment.