CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 3 rosepage 122
3.158.3 Joseph promised to find the cave from a map I had given him
and to leave me there after further embalming. He would build up the small entrance to thoroughly block it from intruders.
3.158.4 There, my body has rested, free from molestation.
3.159 It has been said of me that my body rose from the dead.
What an absurdity conjured up by earthly minds which were
at a loss to satisfactorily explain my death as a felon on a cross!
3.159.1 What need would I have of an earthly body
to continue existence in the next dimension? How could such a ridiculous myth persist even into the 21st century?
3.159.2 It has been a measure of the lack of understanding of Christians
that they have blindly accepted such a dogma to this very time.
3.160 Think about this carefully.
3.160.1 Having been released from an earthly body and after my experience
of the ecstasy and glorious rapture of passing into a higher dimension of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, why would I want to return
to the earthly dimension to enter my body again?
3.160.2 Of what use would it be to me in your world or in mine?
3.160.3 Whilst the physical substance of my body might be spiritualised
when perfectly attuned to the Father_Love Consciousness
whilst I still lived on earth, would not my body be an encumbrance
and a deterrent to my subsequent journeys
within the highest Spiritual Kingdoms?
3.161 Visible things are but a manifestation of specific frequencies
of vibration in consciousness which produces
a ‘SHIMMER OF MOTES OR PARTICLES’ giving an appearance of solid matter.
3.161.1 Each visible substance possesses its own unique vibrational frequency.
3.161.2 A change in the rate of vibration produces a change
in the appearance of matter. As consciousness energies change
so do the appearances of matter change.
3.161.3 Therefore, it was possible for me to focus and lower
my frequencies of consciousness to that point
where my form became visible to the human eye.
3.162 I could return to my disciples and be seen by them.
3.162.1 And I did so. I loved them more than ever before, and owed them
as much comfort and support as I was able to give them after my death.