CHRIST Returns The Mount of Olives
Letter 3 rosepage 121
3.154 In the garden, there was a special boulder, shaped like a little cave.
I liked to shelter in it from the wind.
3.154.1 And so I sat and meditated and prayed, seeking a way
into the exalted harmony I had enjoyed in the past.
3.154.2 I knew that when I moved into attunement with the Father_Love,
my fears would dissolve and I would be in a state of total
and absolute peaceful confidence again.
3.154.3 As I felt the Power of Love move into me and possess
my human consciousness, so did the strength to endure what lay ahead,
possess my heart.
3.154.4 I would be able to remain within the Love
and give the Love to others to the very end.
3.155 And so it was. I will not even attempt to re-enter into the trial and crucifixion state. It is of no consequence.
3.156 When I finally died on the cross and my spirit withdrew
from my tortured body, I was lifted into ineffable and radiant LIGHT.
3.156.1 I was enclosed in the warmth and comfort of LOVE,
such as I had never experienced before.
3.156.2 I had a sensation of enveloping praise,
a powerful assurance of work well done, of ecstasy
in universal strength to continue the work, and joy and rapture
which is far beyond any that the earthly condition can ever know.
3.156.3 I moved into a new and wondrously beautiful way of life
but I still descended in consciousness to remain in touch
with the people I had left behind.
3.157 I was able to show myself to those
who were sufficiently sensitive to be able to see me. However,
3.157.1 the story of Thomas who supposedly fingered my wounds is nonsense.
3.158 My disciples did not know that I had secretly arranged with Joseph
of Aremathea to take my body to his own unused tomb after my death,
where he would anoint it according to custom before the sun set.
3.158.1 Then, when darkness had fallen and the Sabbath was being observed
by everyone in Jerusalem, assisted by two mounted trustworthy servants,
he would take my body secretly by during the night,
and by out of sight tracks during the day,
to a mountain side outside Nazareth, in Galilee.
3.158.2 There, further assisted by my family, if he followed my directions,
he would find a small, hidden cave
which had given me shelter from storms and a refuge from people
when I was young, unhappy and rebellious, and at odds with the world.