CHRIST Returns Towards the Last Supper
Letter 3 rosepage 120
3.147 All the love that I had felt for my fellow men, all that I had longed
to accomplish for them – in this moment of my own need –
still met with blank non-comprehension, even resistance.
3.147.1 Their only concern was what would happen to them.
There was no word of kindness, offering of help, anguish for my future ordeal.
3.148 How hard was the human heart, I thought.
3.148.1 How many weary centuries would pass before mankind
would be able to move beyond their own hurt and pain
to feel even a glimmer of love and compassion
for other unfortunates in a worse situation than themselves?
3.148.2 And so – although deeply disappointed – even hurt – by their selfish
reactions, I also understood them and attempted to give my disciples
courage to face the future and assured them that I would always
be with them even when I was hidden from their sight.

3.149 The work I had started would be promoted from the life beyond.
3.149.1 I would not leave them alone.
3.149.2 They would know and feel my presence
and this would be a comfort to them.

3.150 I told them to cling to their memories of my time with them.
3.150.1 I warned that there would be many who would continue
in the knowledge I had given them,
but there would be outsiders who would seek
to add the voice of tradition and reason to my teachings.
3.150.2 My words would be so distorted that, eventually, they would no longer
reveal the original Truth I had brought the world.
3.151 When I told them that this would happen, they were upset
– even panic stricken.
3.151.1 I was relieved to see that my teachings had not been in vain after all
– they had not entered totally deaf ears.
3.151.2 They asked me to tell them more – but I raised my hands
and said that that was all I could say.