CHRIST Returns Towards the Last Supper
Letter 3 rosepage 119
3.140 I likened the brokenness of the bread
to the future brokenness of my body
and asked them to repeat this ‘breaking of bread and distribution’
as a means of remembering
the sacrifice of my body to bring them the TRUTH
– the Truth about GOD
and the Truth about life, the Truth about Love.
3.140.1 Realising I was in a strange mood, they stopped eating,
listened, took the bread and ate it silently.

3.141 Next, I took up my goblet of wine and passed it around,
saying that they must each drink from it
for it was a symbol of my blood
which would shortly be shed because I had dared
to bring them the Truth of Existence.

3.142 I saw that the edge in my voice had reached some of them.
3.142.1 Soberly, each one took a sip and then passed the goblet to his neighbour. 3.142.2 But still, they said nothing.
They sensed I was in earnest and would not tolerate any more argument.

3.143 Then I told them that a certain man amongst them would betray me.

(3.144 Privately, I understood his motives and knew that he was
a necessary part of the future sequence of events.
3.144.1 He was but playing a role which his nature had prompted him to do.
3.144.2 I knew that he would suffer greatly and I felt compassion for him.
3.144.3 But these thoughts I kept to myself.)
3.145 When I mentioned that one of them would betray me and told Judas
to leave and do what he had to do quickly, the disciples came alive,
wondering if this was really their last meal with me.

3.145.1 Now there was a great deal of emotional distress, questions,
even recriminations for having led them into such a trap.
3.145.2 Again, they wondered what they would do with their lives
after I had gone.
3.145.3 They asked what kind of standing they would have in the community
if I were crucified. They would be an object of derision, they argued.
3.145.4 No one would ever again believe a word they spoke.

3.146 Deeply saddened by their self-centred response to my predicament,
I assured them they had no need to fear for their own safety.
3.146.1 They would abandon me and would not be connected to my crucifixion.
3.146.2 After my death, I suggested they should disperse and return to Galilee.
3.146.3 This touched Peter deeply and he reacted, vehemently denying
that he would ever abandon me – but of course he did.